Upcoming Events


On Sunday, April 23rd from 1PM until 4PM there will be an Open House at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum. This family event will be in the form of a “plant hunt” for children and their parents and will allow them to explore the Arboretum on their own, while searching for plants highlighted on a plant hunt map.

At each “found” plant there is an activity for children and a handout about the plant for adults. This event is open-ended, enabling people to come and go as they please and look at anything that strikes their fancy; while, at the same time, having access to some simple, fun and educational activities.

A special attraction at this event will be Fancy the Crow, a hard-working wildlife advocate for Puget Sound Wildcare.

46th Annual Spring Plant Sale

Special Dates

Friday, April 28 & Saturday, April 29