Garden Etiquette

Western Azalea

Plant collections are priceless, like art in museums. For their protection and your safety, please abide by these rules and regulations while visiting the Arboretum.

Park Rules

  • Please respect our plants and remain on paths or lawn areas.
  • Please leave all flowers, fruits, leaves, and labels for the enjoyment of all our visitors.
  • Please treat our trees kindly and do not climb them.
  • Please keep dogs on leash and observe the scoop law. Doggie bags are available near the garbage cans.
  • Please help keep LWA clean and safe by using trash receptacles. They are located along the Main Looping Trail near the gazebo and the arbor entry to the Smith Mossman Garden.
  • Lake Wilderness Arboretum is a part of Lake Wilderness Parks and is open 7:00am to dusk year-round.
    • The public is reminded that fireworks, dangerous weapons (as defined by RCW 9.41,250), open fires, camping, and alcohol and drugs are not allowed in the Park.

Facility Use

Main Grounds

  • Please use the parking off of Gaffney Road (leading up to the Lake Wilderness Lodge) or the gravel lot near the Gaffney Disc Golf course when visiting.
  • Groups are responsible for clean up after their activities.
  • Digging is only allowed in the Children’s Discovery Forest.
  • Please do not throw or collect rocks or sticks in lawn areas (safety hazard and damaging to mowing equipment).

Nursery & Storage Areas

  • Groups shall provide first aid supplies as necessary to meet applicable OSHA and other health and safety codes for the number of people supported by the group.
  • Groups shall utilize security procedures to secure the nursery to prevent unauthorized entry. Close and secure side gate and doors when direct observation is not possible. Keep main gate closed at all times.
  • When using side gate or front man gate, do not leave locks with the combination visible.
  • Do not leave office or bathroom doors standing open. The heating systems for these areas cannot handle the load and results in over heating of the radiant heating panels. In addition, mice and rats gain entry through open doors.
  • All on site materials and supplies are the property of the Arboretum. It shall not be permitted to assume materials in storage are available for utilization for other than the intended purposes of LWA.
  • If permission has been granted to use the Arboretum’s tools and equipment, the group or individuals must return the tools and equipment to the appropriate storage area. Tools broken or damaged must be reported either verbally or in writing to the Garden Manager or Property Manager so repair or replacement can occur.
  • Materials, supplies, tools equipment & food stuff provided by and used by the groups shall be stored in areas approved by LWA.
  • Food storage & waste disposal must be in a manner that lessens the possibility of attracting rodents.
  • Bathroom and dish washing areas are provided as a convenience to the group. It is the group’s responsibility to clean and maintain the communal areas used by the group.
  • Any changes to Arboretum facilities (painting, staining, etc) need prior approval from LWA.