Meet the dedicated staff members of Lake Wilderness Arboretum.

Susan Goodell, Arboretum Manager

???????????????????????????????I grew up loving the outdoors and nearly 20 years ago I caught the gardening bug as a young homeowner. Since then, I have earned a degree in landscape design, designed gardens for friends and family, created and maintained several of my own gardens and volunteered at LWA for five years. I am looking forward to bringing my landscape design training and work experience in marketing, communications and customer service to the thoughtful development and maintenance of the Arboretum.

Bob Wahlberg, Property Manager

I was born with a love for gardening and planted my first vegetable garden when I was four years old. In all of my years, wherever life took me, I have always studied landscape design, plant cultivation and propagation techniques. During my school years and then in my career as a professional engineer and business manager, gardening and the study of horticultural practices was the avocation that filled my leisure time. Working at the Arboretum allows me to utilize these skills, knowledge and abilities gained in my years as a professional and as a devoted student of horticultural practices. And, most importantly, it allows me to exercise my lifelong love for gardening.

Mike Heller, Property Manager Intern

Mike Heller

I have always loved the outdoors.  In my childhood I explored the woods around my home, turning over rocks and logs, surprising the little inhabitants in their homes in order to see what they were up to.  I never lost my sense of wonder at all of the fabulous natural creatures and plants.  At School even though I was an engineer/architect at heart I would spend time learning about landscape architecture, plant physiology, hydrology, master gardening to name a few.  Now after a long and devoted career in construction management I finally have the time to really explore my life long attachment and desire to understand and experience these great eco-systems.  I have learned about, created and continue to implement a forest stewardship plan for my 5 acre woodland.  I am slowly transforming my yard into a native landscape encouraging diversity.   Working at the Arboretum helps me indulge my curiosities and enjoy what life has to offer.