Board of Directors

Meet the officers and members of Lake Wilderness Arboretum Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Roxann HarrRoxann Harr, President

The Lake Wilderness Arboretum has been a favorite place of mine since moving to Maple Valley fourteen years ago.  My living room wall is covered with photos of the lovely plants and landscape featured in the gardens.  Being part of the Foundation Board and working with the other members to accomplish the Arboretum Vision is a new experience and opportunity for me.  My hope is to enhance and make a difference in our community by providing a place for people to relax, play, learn, and enjoy all that the Arboretum has to offer.

Maggie WesterlundMaggie Westerlund, Vice President

I’ve lived near Maple Valley for 45 years and have seen lots of changes; some good, some not. I have been gardening all my life, becoming a Master Gardener in 1990, and I have been a vendor at the Maple Valley Farmers Market since its beginning. I have been on the Board for over 10 years, and I continue to enjoy being part of it and the Arboretum as they both grow and grow.

Diane BarnesDiane Barnes, Secretary

Although all of Lake Wilderness Arboretum is worthy of attention, the Arboretum’s Smith-Mossman garden has a special personal appeal to me. Frank Mossman and Britt Smith were frequent visitors to my family’s Portland area nursery in the 1960’s and 70’s. By serving on the Board, I try to do my small part in continuing their legacy of working for the preservation of the Western Azalea.I n

Bob DunningBob Dunning, Board Member

I am returning to the board after many years. I have been involved with the Lake Wilderness Arboretum on and off since 1997. I have lived in Maple Valley since 1978 when I came to the Seattle area to work for Boeing. Most recently I have been enjoying my work with the volunteer team in the garden on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Gardening is both my greatest interest and my fitness program. I think of gardening as one of the higher arts, an art that requires a nurturing spirit and immense patience. A project like the Arboretum spans generations and encompasses achievements from multiple personal gardens. My participation allows me to be a part of something that transcends my own life. It gives me a sense of deep connection with both the past and the future.

Noel PatersonNoel Paterson, Board Member

I’ve lived in Maple Valley since 2001. I work in Tacoma, but on weekends my family and I often visit Lake Wilderness and the Arboretum. I was looking for a way to contribute to my community, and being on the Foundation’s Board has provided me with that.  My experience as a project manager and community manager helps me manage the diverse ideas and personalities found in a nonprofit organization.

Kristin Haapasaari Kristin Haapasaari, Board Member

I have been a resident of Maple Valley for 20 years, raised a family, and focused on my career as a Park Operations Specialist and Crew Leader. Now that I have achieved my goal of 30 years of Service and have retired from Parks and Recreation, I have set new goals to serve my local community. I believe that our city has wonderful outdoor recreation opportunities as well as opportunities to give back and volunteer. I am currently serving on the Parks and Recreation Commission, as well as the Lake Wilderness Arboretum Board of Directors. I enjoy working with the staff to maintain and develop the Arboretum to its full potential. Past members have worked hard to give us this amazing resource and I would like to see the torch passed on to others to carry on this mission. I look forward to this challenge and hope the Arboretum continues to thrive and helps to inspire, educate and encourage appreciation for the natural world for future generations to come.

Kim Holben, Board Member

My family and I moved to Maple Valley eight years ago. I have thirty years of accounting experience, which includes private, government and not-for-profit entities. My interest in serving my community along with the beauty and peace of nature has brought me to LWAF. I want to bring my financial business experience to support their vision and goals.

Sarah GilbertSarah Gilbert, Board Member

Karin TaylorKarin Taylor, Board Member

The City of Maple Valley has been home since 2005 and has been a wonderful place to raise a family. Living close to the arboretum and being able to hop on the trails made it easy to access nature and beauty in abundance.  Over the years, the arboretum has provided me exercise and knowledge as well as peace and solace.  Serving LWAF as a board member continues to bring me joy and hope as we work together to grow it ensuring it is a gift to our community that endures.

Criss Vefik, Board Member