Features of the Forest

The Children’s Discovery Forest is a long-term project focused on protecting a second-growth forest for children and their families to enjoy as a natural playscape. It includes a network of trails among snowberry and salal, vine maple trees for climbing and swinging, wildlife trees and habitats for birds and animals, holes for digging, native plants for foraging, as well as natural loose parts for on-going play opportunities. Look for the village center with an open cabin, log benches, and paths outlined with branches. Find a log to balance on. Sit underneath the cover of trees. Read a book from the Little Free Library under a tree canopy or while walking along a path with the new StoryWalk®.

The Lake Wilderness Arboretum, Greenplay Northwest, and the Maple Valley Library (King County Library System) are working together to create more spaces and places to explore in the Children’s Discovery Forest.