Nature’s Invitation to Children

When children are exposed to nature, not only do they appreciate it, but they become hands-on.  Just think about when you were in nature with children: Did you see them jumping in puddles, climbing rocks, swinging from trees, and picking things up? Nature creates wonder in children. The things they find such as rocks, leaves, pine cones, and sticks can provide endless possibilities for play and imagination. And since the natural materials don’t come with directions, children are free to ask questions and use their imaginations in how to use them. This exposure to nature can be as simple as going for a walk, playing in the yard, or hiking in the woods. There are many advantages to all types of exposure to nature. 

As our area has become more urbanized, the natural areas for children to play has become limited. Even many playgrounds have become more structured and less natural. The Children’s Discovery Forest wants to provide that natural area for children to explore, play, and interact with the natural world.